Certified Partners

Sprayroq develops coating and lining products to compliment the cured-in-place pipeline rehabilitation market. Along with the formulation of these revolutionary products, Sprayroq uniquely engineered spray equipment to most accurately apply these products. Recognizing the value of this unique system, Sprayroq set out to partner and certify trenchless technology service companies to utilize this equipment in the installation of the Sprayroq Family of Products. 

This select group of Certified Partners work together with Sprayroq under The Sprayroq Certified Partnership Agreement. It is designed to support and encourage a collaborative effort between all parties assuring mutual success in the marketplace as well as a competitive edge in the technological advancement of equipment and products which is necessary to meet and exceed the ever-changing performance specifications within the many coating and lining markets.

More and more municipal, industrial and commercial entities are turning to the Sprayroq family of products for long term solutions and best value. What does this mean? The demand is growing and so must we! While Sprayroq continues to pursue product specification through out the world, we continue to consider new Certified Partners.


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