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PennDot-Harrisburg-1Reprint from Municipal Sewer & Water - October 2010

FOCUS: STORM - A sprayed-on structural coating enables rehabilitation of large stormwater pipes without traffic disruption and at major cost savings

There's a word for traffic disruptions around Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania state capital: ugly. When two dual pipelines running deep beneath one of the area's busiest arteries showed signs of deterioration, no one wanted to repair it by conventional dig-and-replace methods.

Instead, the Pennsylvania Department o fTransportation (PennDOT) settled on a trenchless solution involving a spray-on structural coating. The job saved months of traffic disruption and an estimated $2.6million. read more...

How_We_Do_It_Lancaster_O1210_Page_1Reprint from Treatment Plant Operator - December 2010

How We Do It - A polyurethane spray coating helps a treatment plant restore an older clarifier, reduce surface maintenance and extend service life

During a product installation demonstration for the rehabilitation of some aging brick manholes and a concrete lift station, Mack McDonald saw what he thought might be the solution to save a deteriorating clarifier and reduce the cost of maintaining it. read more...

ucarticleReprint from Underground Construction - a Special Trenchless Technology Center Report

Organic "High-Build" Spray-In-Place Liners-An Emerging Class of Rehabilitation Methods
by Erez N. Allouche, PhD, P. Eng. and Eric J. Steward, Trenchless Technology Center, Louisiana Tech University

As the water distribution infrastructure continues to deteriorate across North America, there is a continued need to develop pipeline rehabiitation methods that are cost effective and minimally distuptive, while also minimizing the time a pipe must be taken out of service. Spray-on linings that satisfy the requirements of NSF 61 are one such emerging class of rehabilitation methods for pipes and conduits subjected to internal pressure. read more...

derrytow-1.jpgReprint from Municipal Sewer and Water- October 2007

Out of Sight, Always in Mind - Derry Township Municipal Authority combines inspection and maintenance to keep the pipes flowing freely in the community known as Chocolate Town, USA

A simple philosophy helps keep Derry Township Municipal Authority on the cutting edge of sewer maintenance technology: “Just because it's out of sight, it can't be out of mind,” says Wayne Schutz, assistant manager of the authority, which serves the community better known as Hershey, Pa., or Chocolate Town, USA. “We've got a huge capital investment in our underground structures, and we have to pay attention to them.”  read more...

tale-of-two-1.jpgReprint from Trenchless Technology- September 2007

A Tale of Two Manholes- No matter how extreme the weather or terrain, two seasoned contractors prove successful manhole rehabilitation can be achieved if you choose the right tools and follow the wise old motto: Be prepared.

For two experienced municipal contractors, one in the cold northern Great Lakes region, the other in the tropical coast of Florida, adding the complication of extreme weather conditions to already challenging projects required all of their creative thinking and job planning skills. Spray-applied polyurethane technology, along with research, pre-project planning and special site specific preparation methods proved to be the right combination for a successful rehabilitation in both cases. read more

techtest-1.jpgReprint from Municipal Sewer and Water- December 2007

One Tough Coat - Polyurethane protective lining system from Sprayroq Inc. helps utilities quickly protect manholes against structural failure and corrosion

Faced with deterioration of manholes and other underground infrastructure, utilities are looking for lower-cost and less intrusive alternatives to tearing up streets and disrupting neighborhoods. One option is to apply a fast-curing protective coating to existing surfaces, renewing structural integrity while sealing out hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive agents. One such offering is the Spray Wall quick-setting read more...

ttmag_cover.jpgReprint from Trenchless Technology - September 2008

Supplying A Strong Solution - There's no argument about the fact that underground infrastructure in both the United States and around the world needs our attention. With populations growing and the demand on infrastructure increasing, it's more important than ever for municipalities to address their aging sewer systems for repair before any major problems present themselves. This includes not only taking a look at pipe, but rehabbing the vital, and often overlooked, structures called sanitary sewer manholes.

That's where Sprayroq comes into play. With its products, communities across North America are able to rehab manholes and address other structures that keep a system fully operational. read more...

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