SprayWall®’s quick curing time allows the newly protected structure to be returned to service shortly* after the application is completed.

SprayWall® begins to gel in about 8 seconds, with a tack-free condition after 2 minutes. Within 60 minutes the initial cure is complete and the structure is capable of accepting flow* while complete curing continues for the next 72 hours.

SprayWall® may be applied up to 300 mils (.3”) / 7.6mm thick in a single application.


Technical Performance and Specifications

  • 50 year design life retaining 70% of Flex Modulus
  • 100% solids - VOC Free
  • >735,000 psi Flex Modulus
  • Density 87 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Hardness, Shore D 85
  • Tensile Strength >7450 psi
  • Elongation <4% at break
  • Adhesion excellent (substrate failure)
  • Compressive strength >18,000 psi
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Natural color - golden

* Potable applications require a 72-hour cure time in order to meet NSF 61 standards

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