Third Party Testing

Sprayroq has long been a supporter of the importance and requirement of third party verification of any manufacturer's claims regarding product performance and its characteristics. Unbiased, unaffiliated third party tests conducted by an ASTM approved or industry equivalent testing facility serve to offer end users the confidence and peace of mind they desire when selecting a product or method to be utilized by their agency or community for the protection or rehabilitation of vital assets.

Sprayroq periodically tests all of its products and provides current test data on the performance characteristics of its core product to the general public. The testing results documents posted on this website have been produced by various ASTM approved test facilities not affiliated with Sprayroq, Inc. or members of its network of Sprayroq Certified Partner installers.

Viewable and downloadable 3rd Party Testing Documents and other key technical information can be found for all of our products on this website on each product's details page.

We appreciate that Sprayroq products’ end-users are often spending taxpayer money, and so are held to a high level of accountability. We take responsibility for maintaining your high reputation as seriously as our own. That’s why we’re committed to an ongoing program of third-party testing for our products’ performance.

So when you specify a Sprayroq product for your next infrastructure rehabilitation project, you’re purchasing a long-term solution that will live up to your expectations. And you don’t have to take our word for it—we even cross-test our lab results between independent testers.

We have the confidence that our claims will stand up to the test so you can, too.

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