Sprayroq Equipment Sales & Services

Unlike a lot of people in this industry, Sprayroq has the history to back up our quality. We've been building our brand and working to satisfy a large array of customers ranging from Birmingham to Alberta to Beijing for over 30 years now. You can rest assured knowing that Sprayroq has a record of success and the case studies to back it. We stand behind our product, and to prove it we work to offer the best deals we can to new customers so they can see for themselves.

• New Customer Deals
• 30 Years Experience in Coatings
• 18 Years Combined Experience in Service & Repair
• Certified Repair Center for products including Graco, PMC, Titan, & MITM
• Ease of Access to Shop

Industries Served

We’re experienced in the initial set up and repairs of many forms of commercial and industrial equipment used by professionals. Including:

• Painters
• Floor Coating Applicators
• Foam Sprayers
• Pressure Washing
• Line Striping
• Fabrication shops
• Roofing Waterproofing
• Bedliner Sprayers

Areas Served

Our product reach is global, but our in-house shop can't quite cross the Atlantic. We do work to service as much of our surrounding area as possible, though, and you're more than welcome to drop by our shop that's conveniently located right off I-459 and I-20 in Irondale.


Outside of these major partnerships, we also perform repairs in a much broader field of equipment.

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