Sprayroq, Inc. was founded in Jacksonville, Florida as an extension of the innovative rehabilitation technique known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP). Using plural-component spray technology, Sprayroq developed a fast-curing structural and chemical resistant formula capable of excellent adhesion, for the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. This trenchless technologies solution provides long life, corrosion control, abrasion resistance and WQA Certification for use in potable water applications.


Sprayroq is a long-term solutions provider of structural protective lining systems for underground infrastructure.


We provide 3rd Party-Tested structural polyurethane with custom designs focused on achieving excellent ROI and asset service life extension.


Establishing long-term relationships are what drives our passion for being America’s Leader in Structural Rehabilitation. At the end of the day, we are all consumers of some form of vital infrastructure and our mission is to serve individuals and companies striving to maintain and instill the structural integrity and peace of mind for America’s critical assets.

Sprayroq develops and manufactures fast-curing structural and chemical-resistant polyurethane coatings for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure.

Our trenchless technology solutions extend asset life through corrosion control, abrasion resistance and structural reinforcement. For more than two decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure worldwide.

Asset Rehabilitation

We manufacture a range of polyurethane coating and lining formulas that span infrastructure applications requiring elastomeric, semi-rigid or rigid (structural) properties.

Proven Value

Sprayroq solutions provide excellent return on investment (ROI) and extension of asset performance life.

Independently Tested

All our products are third-party tested under the most rigorous field conditions by an independent laboratory.


Our core offerings—SprayWall® and SprayShield®—are among several products applied with the same equipment, but designed and furnished for different markets.


Sprayroq products are ideally designed for applications on surfaces exposed to acids, corrosives and other caustic elements. This has led to their wide use in protecting and rehabilitating structures associated with potable water, stormwater or sanitary sewer conveyance systems, and often in industrial processes.

Established markets for our products include:

• Municipal
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Telecommunication
• Transportation
• Maritime structures
• Chemical plants
• Paper mills
• Refineries
• Electrical & power generation plants


Just a few of the many assets associated with these markets, which Sprayroq polyurethanes have been designed to protect, rehabilitate and improve include:

• Tanks
• Tunnels
• Manholes
• Pipes
• Flumes
• Wet wells
• Pump stations
• Box culverts
• Junction chambers
• Vaults


Affected structures on which Sprayroq products can be used may be constructed of:

• Concrete
• Brick
• Corrugated metal pipe (CMP)
• Wood
• Carbon steel
• Ductile iron
• FiberglassPolyester

Sprayroq Inc. has proven its products over more than two decades of providing the global water, wastewater, stormwater and industrial markets with spray-applied polyurethane technology for structural rehabilitation, infiltration control, corrosion management and peace of mind.

Infrastructure asset owners and end users can confidently expect application design support and technical services after the sale. When Sprayroq products are used on a project, we consider ourselves stakeholders in the outcome. This attitude is reflected in our interest in and dedication to the success of every project.

We partner with contractors worldwide to promote and install our protective coating and lining systems. Sprayroq Certified Partners (SCPs) are licensed, trained and supported by Sprayroq operations technical and marketing staff to efficiently and successfully operate in specific geographic territories. We actively support our SCPs by helping with professional quality

• Business Development
• MarketingTechnical services
• Equipment services