Manhole Rehabilitation Using SprayWall®

August 17, 2020
Manhole Rehabilitation

Manholes play an important role in America’s infrastructure. Acting as an access point to underground water, sewer, wastewater, and utility lines, manholes must be kept in top repair. Unfortunately, many manholes were originally designed using materials that simply are not able to stand the test of time.

This has caused quite a predicament, necessitating manhole rehabilitation efforts across the country. As an engineer or asset manager, it is your responsibility to provide quick, cost-effective solutions for manhole rehabilitation. SprayWall® has proven to be an optimal solution for manhole rehabilitation in a variety of situations and climates.

An Easier Approach to Manhole Rehabilitation

Due to the location of manholes and the role they play in our infrastructure, traditional rehabilitation techniques present several challenges. Many times, it seems as if replacing the manhole is the only solution to correcting corrosion. The conventional trenching methods often used to replace manholes present many challenges.

Some of the challenges an engineer or asset manager may face when manhole rehabilitation becomes necessary are budget limitations, project times, and disruptions to service. Both manhole replacement and traditional manhole rehabilitation are incredibly expensive, often up to 4x the cost of spray-applied structural rehabilitation.

Additionally, traditional methods require disruption to service that often lasts up to several weeks. SprayWall, a spray-applied liner, causes minimal disruption to service and can be completed in a matter of days. Using this approach to manhole rehabilitation allows you to quickly and easily restore your manholes to optimal condition, ensuring the safety of your community and utility workers.

Traditional Manhole Rehabilitation Technologies

Outside of complete manhole replacement, various rehabilitation technologies have been used to complete projects of this nature. However, rehabilitation technologies such as cementitious or epoxy liners do not provide the same benefits as a spray-applied polyurethane liner.

Cementitious Liners

While cementitious liners provide a cost-effective approach to manhole rehabilitation, it requires a greater cure time when compared to other methods. Additionally, cementitious liners have a shorter lifespan, decreasing the return on investment and necessitating additional repairs down the road.

Epoxy Liners

Epoxy liners are another common alternative for engineers and asset managers seeking to rehabilitate manholes. This approach to manhole rehabilitation, however, does not provide the flexibility of other alternatives. Because of this, it is not the best solution for many rehabilitation needs.

Using SprayWall® for Manhole Rehabilitation

For well over 30 years, SprayWall, a polyurethane rehabilitation material from Sprayroq, has proven to be the best solution for manhole rehabilitation. This polyurethane spray lining effectively restores structural integrity in underground infrastructure, provides corrosion protection, and offers a sustainable approach to structural rehabilitation.

SprayWall® Provides Better ROI

SprayWall stands the test of time with a long-standing record as the leading spray-applied structural rehabilitation solution in the industry. In addition to providing an exceptional quality of rehabilitation, SprayWall also provides the best return on investment.

As an asset manager or engineer, it is important to have confidence in the rehabilitation technologies you are implementing. SprayWall provides long-term savings while restoring your infrastructure to optimal condition.

Learn more about Spraywall Return on Investment here.

SprayWall® Offers Quickest Return to Service

We understand that important repairs can not wait. However, when you are approaching manhole rehabilitation, you must account for the necessary downtime, often delaying the project. Using SprayWall eliminates much of the frustration that surrounds lengthy rehabilitation projects by allowing you to return to service quickly.

When using SprayWall, the initial cure is complete within 60 minutes of application. Once the initial cure is complete, the structure is once again capable of accepting flow as it completes the curing process over the next 72 hours.

Because of its quick curing time, SprayWall provides an excellent solution for manhole rehabilitation, allowing the structure to return to service shortly after the application is complete. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and minimize the impact that necessary repairs have on your community or business.

SprayWall® is a Truly Structural Approach to Rehabilitation

While other rehabilitation techniques simply address the surface issues, SprayWall provides a truly structural approach to manhole rehabilitation. When you invest in a rehabilitation solution, it must be effective in providing strong, long-lasting repairs.

Taking a structural approach to manhole rehabilitation provides you with the best return on investment as underground infrastructure is given an extended lifespan.

SprayWall® is Resistant to Corrosion Caused By Chemicals

SprayWall is incredibly resistant to corrosive environments, something that is key to the structural integrity of manholes. In addition to this corrosion resistance, SprayWall is also resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals.

Manholes are constantly exposed to things like Hydrogen Sulfides, Sulphuric Acids, and even road salts, accelerating the progression of corrosion and disrepair. SprayWall provides an added layer of protection against these and other corrosive elements.

SprayWall® is Applied By Certified Partners

At Sprayroq, we are incredibly passionate about ensuring that each SprayWall application is completed with excellence and precision. Because of this, we only authorize the use of SprayWall to our Sprayroq Certified Partners.

These individuals go through an intense, on-site training course before they can use SprayWall. During this process, they receive expert training on proper preparation and execution of SprayWall for structural rehabilitation.

Our Sprayroq Certified Partners have used SprayWall for manhole rehabilitation projects across North America, successfully saving engineers and asset managers time, money, and frustration.  

Learn More About SprayWall®

Sprayroq is proud to offer the best solution for structural rehabilitation of manholes. Using our spray-applied polyurethane solution, our Sprayroq Certified Partners have been able to protect and rehabilitate important underground infrastructure.

However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We believe that engineers and asset managers should have full confidence in the approach they are using to repair and rehabilitate important infrastructure such as manholes. Because we are passionate about providing both peace of mind and long-term savings, we perform rigorous and diligent testing on our products.

Learn more about using SprayWall for manhole rehabilitation and see for yourself why this approach provides the best return on investment by contacting our expert engineers.

For more information on using SprayWall® to complete your next manhole rehabilitation project, request a 30-minute online presentation.