Sprayroq Engineers Discuss Structural Testing of SprayWall®

November 17, 2020
Structural Rehabilitation

SprayWall®, Sprayroq's core product, was recently used in a structural test for spray-applied pipe liners (SAPL) conducted by the University of Texas at Arlington. During this test which was published in ScienceDirect, the structural soundness of SprayWall® was confirmed.

While we have had complete confidence in the structural soundness of SprayWall® since its inception in 1990, the official results of this important test are a game-changer for DOT rehabilitation projects across the United States! Through this test, we have established that SprayWall® is a true structural solution and that it meets the H20 design criteria for AASHTO, design criteria used for everyday highway loads.

In the video below, you can learn more about this significant advancement for Sprayroq from a few of our expert engineers. For more information regarding Sprayroq’s time-tested approach for structural rehabilitation, contact our team today!