Taking the Long View on Infrastructure Solutions

May 14, 2020
Structural Rehabilitation

At Sprayroq, we communicate daily with municipalities, utilities, corporations, small businesses, and others seeking relevant solutions for infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance. In those conversations, two issues inevitably take center stage: cost and quality.

In nearly every case, the questions and concerns we field from new and prospective customers center around their need to balance a budget and financial constraints. This must be done while finding an infrastructure solution that has the quality characteristics to stand up to long decades of wear, tear, and aggressive elements.

How does Sprayroq provide a long term solution to infrastructure repair? Sprayroq® has over thirty years of experience in developing the highest quality protective coating and lining systems. Over this time, we have gained an unrivaled reputation as the go-to resource for infrastructure solutions. We provide a cost-effective solution. In doing so, we’ve helped thousands of municipalities, utilities, and other entities effectively address their infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation needs.

Our Sprayroq Certified Partners have installed our proprietary SprayWall® self-priming polyurethane lining system on more than one million assets across America and internationally. We’ve earned our stripes, so-to-speak, as “America’s Leader in Structural Rehabilitation.”

Sprayroq Stands the Test of Time

Sprayroq has worked hard to establish our reputation as the go-to resource for structural rehabilitation. It’s no secret that over the past several years there has been a real advancement in the choice of products and applications for infrastructure rehabilitation, trenchless projects, and more. In fact, it seems that every few months there are announcements and news releases highlighting the latest coating or a new system guaranteed to be the end-all for “iron-clad” structural maintenance and rehabilitation.

Many companies market their new products as the “most economical.” However, that statement is followed by an insistence that they perform “just as well” as established applications like SprayWall. SprayWall is unique in that it has a track record that stands the test of time and has been used in locations around the country with some of the most extreme weather conditions.

Sprayroq Benefits Your Budget in the Long-Term

Of course, no one would deny that cost is a critical consideration when it comes to structural rehabilitation projects. City and utility managers, CEOs, and business owners seek to steward tight budgets in the face of stringent regulatory requirements and mandatory upgrades.

There are many things to consider when thinking about the long-range implications of infrastructure rehabilitation. However, making price the main focus can become the very definition of the old adage “penny wise” but “dollar foolish.” Let’s look into this concept a bit further.

You and your team consider many purchasing decisions throughout your facilities and infrastructure. How would those decisions progress if, in addition to price point, you made a serious accounting of the overall goals and long-term impacts of your planning? Whether or not we make such an accounting, decisions today have the power to impact, and even jeopardize, our goals and desired outcomes.

Strategizing for long-term solutions with regards to infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation is a multi-faceted process. It is crucial to pay close attention to three considerations:


How the purchase of a product or application will play out over the long term.


How the purchase will influence other areas of an operation.


How the purchase will impact others after those responsible for the decision are gone.

I believe we will all agree that these factors are important when making decisions regarding quality long-term infrastructure solutions.


More often than not, we make purchase decisions in the context of short-term goals rather than a long-term strategy. Faced with the immediate need for infrastructure rehabilitation or maintenance, CEOs, civil engineers, or facilities managers are understandably tempted to choose an application that is low-cost. During this process, they often fail to consider the long-term impact of that purchase.

A low-priced application may fit the bill over the short-term. However, it must inevitably be re-visited in a few short years. This fact alone is a solid argument for a more long-term quality solution.

A high-quality application such as Sprayroq’s SprayWall lining system may at first glance seem like a more expensive choice than other products on the market. However, it will inevitably equate into a significant cost saving over the long term. You must weigh the initial cost against the long years of service that are guaranteed.

Research shows that SprayWall remains 22 percent stronger than cementitious, epoxy-based, and other competitors fifty years after application. Our ROI chart shares more information regarding these comparisons.

The bottom line is this:

The longer a product or solution maintains its strength and durability through year-in and year-out service under extreme circumstances, the more cost-effective it truly is!


When discussing infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance, the durability of the application or solution will ultimately impact other areas of an operation. How you make purchasing decisions and allocate resources has the power to make an impact throughout a facility and those it benefits.

The implications of such an impact may not be front and center as you are making these decisions. However, they certainly should be! That means choosing a solution that has the quickest turnaround, and that will stand up to long years of wear and corrosive abuse.

An application that fits these parameters will serve to keep all connected areas of operation running efficiently. Additionally, your facility will experience minimal downtime and low impact on both employees and customers.

SprayWall features rapid installation, curing, and turnaround time. This means that a facility can return to service immediately after the application is complete. SprayWall cures within 60 minutes, allowing you to restore the water flow to the asset. This makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of municipal, utilities, and commercial needs.


There is no question that long-term decisions regarding infrastructure made today can impact an operation for years to come — even decades after those responsible for the decisions no longer have involvement. If you are presently in such a position of influence, you want the impact that follows you to be positive. You want those who follow to applaud your vision and foresight. You can accomplish this goal by choosing an infrastructure solution that provides superior service over the long term.

At Sprayroq, we get a great sense of accomplishment in offering third party, rigorously tested solutions for infrastructure maintenance — solutions that generate confidence and help ensure a legacy of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction.

Sprayroq is a recognized leader in providing solutions for infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation. We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your unique infrastructure needs.

Sprayroq Provides Long-Term Satisfaction

With 30-years of experience in the coatings and structural industry, Sprayroq can give you a broad perspective on all products and services, consulting you on what’s right for your project. Our engineers and closed network professional applicators have the background and qualified training to guide you through the process. We are confident that Sprayroq can provide a solution that will give both you and your facility long-term service and satisfaction.

For more information on how Sprayroq can benefit your facility, contact an expert engineer at (205) 957-0020.