The Sprayroq Difference

December 8, 2020
Sprayroq Structural Rehabilitation

Sprayroq differentiates itself not just through our proven core rehabilitative product, SprayWall®, but also within our operating principles which focus on excellence in service and consultative education for asset owners, engineers, and contractors.

Beyond product differences, what separates underground rehabilitative companies from each other in the marketplace?

  • FOR ASSET OWNERS, should you choose to rehabilitate an asset based on the product pricing alone?
  • FOR ENGINEERS, should you add a product to your spec list based on rehabilitative qualities alone?
  • FOR CONTRACTOR APPLICATORS, should you diversify your service portfolio based on high-margin revenue streams alone?


No should be your answer. Why? Because we’re not in it for just the initial transaction and you shouldn’t be either. You should expect to get the full value that comes with an underground rehabilitation company that has had proven success for over 3 decades.  

Understanding the Sprayroq Difference

We’re in this partnership to give you what you need. Working to consistently build a powerful return on your investment. Not only does our flagship product, SprayWall®, provide an amazing return on investment, but our company is with you from pre-planning rehabilitation to training, installation, and applicator follow-up on the job site. We will never sell you a product and simply walk away. Sprayroq continues to put our resources at ground zero, supporting the entire rehabilitation process from start to finish.

Our Investment in You

Our investment in each of our customers is evidenced by our dedicated engineering and operations support resources. Sprayroq is unique from other lining companies in that we have 2 licensed, active engineers on staff who are dedicated to consistently engaging with asset owners and engineers. Our expert engineers also support our diverse group of contractor applicators, also known as Sprayroq Certified Partners.

Consult With an Expert Engineer

Our engineers have over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience. Couple that with their incredible dedication to improving infrastructure across North America and you will See for Yourself the technical difference Sprayroq brings to the table. Our ongoing commitment to funding expert engineering resources for your project is just the beginning of the Sprayroq difference.

Chip Johnson

Chip Johnson serves as the Director of Technical Services for Sprayroq. He has been in the engineering and construction business throughout his 40-year career. He has spent 16 years on the consulting side, with the remaining 24 years spent in the area of infrastructure rehabilitation.

Mr. Johnson has been a registered Professional Engineer for 29 years. His primary field of technical expertise lies within the rehabilitation segment of the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries. He has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of pipework, manholes, lift stations, grit chambers, clarifiers, chlorine contact chambers, wet wells, and digesters.

Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes serves as the Sales Engineer for Sprayroq. He has spent over 20 years developing technical knowledge and experience as a consulting civil engineer and project manager. He uses this wealth of experience to educate consultants, engineers, water infrastructure asset managers, and owners on structural infrastructure rehabilitation and the trenchless technology market.

Mr. Hughes not only provides valuable technical support and product knowledge but uses his position within Sprayroq to serve as a trusted advisor to engineers and asset owners, offering a level of comfort from an engineer during their due diligence efforts.

Operations Training and On-Call Support

Our operations department is always on-call to assist our Sprayroq Certified Partners (SCPs). The operations department handles everything from the initial training of new SCPs to serving contractors who have been with Sprayroq for over 20 years.

As a team, our operations experts provide in-depth education, troubleshooting, and service for both equipment and product applications. This includes planned, dedicated field visits to our contractors on a regular basis to help ensure that we deliver on our brand promise of long-term, structural solutions.

Value-Added Service and Consultation

Both engineering and operations services are provided at no additional cost to the asset owner, engineer, or contractor applicator. Sprayroq, along with its proven, structural solution SprayWall®, dedicated technical support through our licensed engineers, and our proactive operations support team provides unparalleled value to the marketplace.

We invite those in the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries to contact us today and see for yourself the Sprayroq difference.

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