Why Should I Use SprayWall for Structural Rehabilitation?

May 5, 2020

Structural integrity is of the utmost importance when it comes to the infrastructure of a community. Failing to restore compromised systems such as sewer, water, and other industrial infrastructures can result in a public safety hazard. SprayWall® self-priming polyurethane lining from Sprayroq® Inc. restores structural integrity and provides superior corrosion resistance. Avoid costly flow disruption with the quickest return-to-service and longest-lasting polymeric solution in the industry.

So why should you use SprayWall for structural rehabilitation? For over 30 years, Sprayroq® Inc. has continued to revolutionize the underground structural rehabilitation process for communities across the United States and abroad. Our team of highly-trained professionals uses our polyurethane lining product (trenchless technology) known as SprayWall to restore underground infrastructure, providing increased structural integrity for years to come.

With over one million SprayWall applications since 1990, SprayWall has proven to be a quick and effective solution for repairing damaged or decaying structures. Partnering with Sprayroq for your next structural rehabilitation project can save you both time and money! As you keep reading, you’ll find out that Sprayroq stands alone in the coatings industry as America’s Leader in Structural Rehabilitation. 

Benefits of Using SprayWall

There are many benefits to using SprayWall. The design of our SprayWall product enables time-efficient repairs, allowing for minimal disruptions to your community. In fact, SprayWall cures in as little as 30 minutes depending upon application thickness. This allows service to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Not only does Sprayroq enable quicker restoration of crucial systems, but it also has a longer lifespan than other methods. SprayWall is applied by Sprayroq Certified Partners and comes with a 50-year design for structural applications.

Unlike other rehabilitation methods that simply provide corrosion control, SprayWall takes a structural approach. When we restore important underground structures, we are not only improving the function, but also extending the lifespan of the structure. With several Sprayroq products, we choose one that is ideal for your project and environment.

SprayWall Lining System eliminates the need to dig, otherwise known as trenchless technology.  Digging to rehabilitate not only requires more downtime, but it also creates greater disruption for your community or facility. The efficient and effective repair method made possible using Sprayroq products is an ideal solution for any underground rehabilitation.

Who Can Use SprayWall?

SprayWall was designed as a way to quickly restore the underground infrastructure that is crucial to the way a facility or community is run. SprayWall has proven to be invaluable in repairing structures that deal with potable water, wastewater, and even sewer systems.

SprayWall has been used in many industries including municipal structures, transportation, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and refineries. It has also provided a quick restoration solution for electrical plants, chemical plants, and power mills. If your facility relies on underground infrastructure, SprayWall Lining System provides an excellent repair method that will save you both time and money and produce the best possible ROI.

How Does Sprayroq Rehabilitate Underground Infrastructure?

Sprayroq uses third-party tested, high-build, fast-curing polyurethane lining, SprayWall, to quickly rehabilitate underground infrastructures. This process not only adds structural integrity, but it also provides both chemical resistance and infiltration control.

Our highly-trained applicators, known as Sprayroq Certified Partners, first prepare the surface. Proper surface preparation is key to success when using SprayWall Lining System. All debris is removed and necessary repairs are made to create a smooth, dry surface on which to apply our self-priming, polyurethane lining.

After we have ensured that the surface area is fully dry, we proceed to the application process. Oftentimes, the application is faster than the preparation time. Once we apply SprayWall to the surface your underground infrastructure will be able to return to service within the hour in most cases. However, with higher thickness applications return to service may be longer depending upon ambient conditions.

Support continues once the application process is complete. Sprayroq Certified Partners (SCPs) will conduct a series of tests on the rehabilitated infrastructure to ensure that it is fully restored and ready for normal use.

Preparing Surfaces for SprayWall

As mentioned previously, preparing the surface before applying the SprayWall product is crucial for success. Before beginning the rehabilitative process, our professional applicators conduct a thorough inspection of the surface requiring rehabilitation. During this process contaminants (debris) will be removed.

The next step in preparation is to repair any damages that will create an uneven application surface. We use carefully selected products during the repair process that are compatible with the SprayWall. Possible repairs include filling voids, rebuilding deteriorating surfaces, and grouting any cracks. Depending on the infrastructure, some applications may need a primer. On most applications, however, SprayWall is self-priming and used by itself.

Once the preparation process is complete, we allow the surface to dry completely before we begin the application. If necessary, we will utilize indirect, fired heaters with blowers for air movement to expedite this step in the process.

Applying Sprayroq Products

At Sprayroq, we hold high safety standards for our professional applicators (SCPs). This includes the use of necessary safety equipment such as harnesses, respirators, protective suits, and masks. We use a spray gun to evenly and efficiently apply the SprayWall product to the structure. Once the application is complete, it begins to quickly dry.

Most structures are able to return to normal operations within a few hours. An exception to this rule is any structure that involves potable water. The curing process for potable water structures is a bit more involved to ensure safety. After any application, we complete several tests to ensure a successful restoration.

Upon completion of the application, the underground infrastructure is successfully rehabilitated and structurally sound. SprayWall provides a quick restoration solution for the corroded, decaying structures that are crucial to operation of your facility or community.

How is SprayWall different from cementitious or epoxy-based solutions?

Engineers get skittish when vendors come knocking with the latest products for underground structural rehabilitation. New materials are appearing rapidly in the marketplace with claims that they’re the solution to today’s structural demands. But if you look closely at product specifications, you will find striking differences when comparing them to SprayWall.

Asset owners and managers for municipalities and cities, utility companies, and the Department of Transportation, are often attracted to products that fit their limited budgets. Be careful to do your due-diligence in examining the return on investment. Cementitious solutions for rehabilitation may be preferred for price point, but after the first ten years you’re already having to invest in repairs again. 

On the other hand, Epoxy-based solutions take longer to install because of dry time. This will slow up your return to service and potentially cause traffic flow disruptions. What is revealing is that both cementitious and epoxy-based solutions are NOT truly structural. These corrosion resistant coatings do not measure up to the definition of ‘structural’. SprayWall Lining System is fully tested as ‘structural’ using unbiased, third party laboratories. 

How long will SprayWall last in comparison to competitors?

With its 50-year design protocol, SprayWall outlasts top competitor products, reporting 22% greater strength at the 50-year point.

Akron Polymer Laboratories (APL) recently performed creep testing on the SprayWall product. The testing involved performance of a conventional creep test and curve fitting the data to predict the creep modulus at 50 years. The results of the tests indicated that the SprayWall material would retain 72% of the initial creep modulus at the end of the 50-year interval. Additional third party test results from Texas Research Institute (TRI) later confirmed the results discovered at APL.

Becoming a Sprayroq Certified Partner (SCP)

Because SprayWall underground structural rehabilitation requires precise training, we only permit Sprayroq Certified Partners to apply our products. Sprayroq Certified Partners must complete an intensive training course before they can offer structural rehabilitation services. Not only does this allow us to ensure competence, but it also allows us to personally train each applicator within our own facility.

The training process for our Sprayroq Certified Partners includes education on the SprayWall materials, equipment, proper application techniques, and even customer service guidelines. Upon successful completion of our training program and required testing, SCP contractors are certified. At this point, they are able to offer Sprayroq structural rehabilitation services in their own communities.

Learn More About Sprayroq

Sprayroq is America’s Leader in Structural Rehabilitation. But we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. Sprayroq has completed independent third-party testing and received many certifications that are available to the public. If you are interested in learning more about using SprayWall for your structural rehabilitation project, please contact our expert engineers for a lunch and learn or onsite demo in your area. Engineer, GET THE SPECS for SprayWall to discover more product information you will need to spec your project.