UMI Defender Series


America’s leader in structural rehabilitation introduces our UMI Defender Series products for your above ground infrastructure assets. The quality, long-term solutions you have come to know and trust for your underground assets now is available for your above ground structures as well. Our 28 years of expertise and track record of performance with underground infrastructure and now that experience is being expanded into the UMI Defender Series Polyureas for your visible utility, marine or industrial infrastructure assets.

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Defender PR50 - Steel Primer

Defender PR50 is a VOC-compliant, fast cure, high performance polyurethane primer. It is formulated to give excellent adhesion to blasted and unblasted steel substrates.

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Defender PR58 - Concrete Primer

Defender PR-58 is a 100% solids, zero VOC, 2 component epoxy primer. It is formulated to adhere with excellence to properly prepared concrete substrates and is suitable for use in high humidity or moist environments.

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Defender AR40 - Polyurea

Defender AR40 is a fast set, spray-applied, 2 component polyurea that is 100% solids and contains zero VOCs. It is formulated for excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

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Defender AL70 - Aliphatic-UV Exposure

Defender AL70 is a 1:1 ratio, fast-set, spray-applied, 2 component aliphatic polyurea. It is formulated to maintain extremely high color stability and gloss retention.

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Defender AL25 - Aliphatic-UV Exposure

Defender AL25 is a 2 component, high solids, aliphatic polyaspartic protective coating. It is formulated to have excellent UV resistance as well as very good adhesion to metal or concrete when used over an appropriate primer. Typically, it is used as a UV-stable overcoat for Defender Series AR40 polyurea.

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Defender AC - Concrete Primer

Defender AC Primer is a two-component polyurethane primer for concrete that is to be coated with other Defender Series polyurethanes and polyureas.

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Defender AC-F - Concrete Primer

Defender AC-F Primer is a fast-cure, two-component food grade polyurethane primer for concrete that is to be coated with other Defender Series polyurethanes and polyureas. The primer is catalyzed for faster cure in cooler weather conditions.

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Defender AL-16 FG - Aliphatic Polyurea

Defender AL-16 FG is a 1:1, fast-set, spray applied two-component aliphatic polyurea.

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