Case Studies

Lancaster, SC Clarifier

At a Sprayroq product installation demonstration in Lancaster, S.C., Public Works Director Mack McDonald observed the use of SprayWall polyurethane, which he believed could help restore an aging clarifier at the city's wastewater treatment plant. The structure was not only crumbling away daily, but due to an uneven substrate, was very difficult to clean and keep free of algae.

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Wormleysburg, PennDOT

Roughly 15,000 lbs. of material was used for all four pipes. Because of the remarkably quick cure time, water flow could be restored within minutes of finishing the coating application and thickness testing.

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Lake Heron Overflow Discharge Pipe

Lake Heron’s water level was so low that it was impossible for the city of Liverpool, Pennsylvania, to allow any recreational use. Upon further review, the repair crew realized that the lake’s overflow pipe located on the edge of the lake had deteriorated to the point where many flow points were located along its length.

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Michelin US1 Plant

The Michelin Plant in Greenville, South Carolina, had a substantial infrastructure issue that required rehabilitation. The only problem was that the work needed to be done over the Christmas holiday shutdown, and neither of the structures to be rehabilitated could be taken out of service for pre-bid inspections.

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Seneca Lift Station

The Kelly Station, a 40+ year old brick construction lift station operated by the City of Seneca, South Carolina had significant evidence of infiltration, root intrusion and a high level of debris build-up on its walls. It was determined that a replacement should be scheduled within a years time.

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Ohio DOT Twin Culverts

On Route 23 in Alvada, Ohio, two side-by-side 13’-6”W x 8’-6”H x 90’L corrugated steel sheet plate culverts running underneath the roadway needed corrosion protection.

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Guangzhou Tunnel, China

A trenchless rehabilitation project on 200 feet of an arch tunnel, in old town Guangzhou in Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China, an ideal opportunity to demonstrate Sprayroq products for the city’s utility departments.

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Palm Beach Manhole Rehabilitation

Master Lift Station 13A in Manatee County, FL was in need of rehabilitation due to heavy deterioration of its walls and high levels of dA sanitary manhole at the intersection of North Lake Way and Mockingbird Trail in the Town of Palm Beach, Fla., was a heavily deteriorated brick structure exhibiting the presence of groundwater infiltration.

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Manatee County Lift Station

Master Lift Station 13A in Manatee County, FL was in need of rehabilitation due to heavy deterioration of its walls and high levels of debris that was causing the overuse of pumps.

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Manistee 52-In. Storm Sewer

The 52-inch storm sewer was installed in the early 1900s. The line takes in all of the storm water for the south side of the city. The sewer is 20 feet deep and runs along railroad tracks, then discharges into the Manistee River.

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MWRD Chicago Interceptor

The existing sewer to be rehabilitated was approximately 80 years old and was located 20 ft. below ground in Evanston, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. The sewer started at a river edge overflow chamber in a school parking lot.

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Spartanburg, SC

The galvanized corrugated vertical inflow stand pipe on the golf course 6 acre pond was deteriorated badly.  The holes in the pipe were significant and caused the pond level to be over 3 feet below normal pond elevation.

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