Manatee County Lift Station

Structural rehabilitation of a heavily deteriorated vital lift station


Master Lift Station 13A in Manatee County, FL was in need of rehabilitation due to heavy deterioration of its walls and high levels of debris that was causing the overuse of pumps. The 8 foot high level of debris included buckets and bricks. Upon initial inspection of the lift station, National Pipe Services confirmed that the major task for a successful rehabilitation would be the complete removal of all of the debris and setting up the scaffolding to reach the top of the structure’s 20 foot high walls.


The debris was entirely removed and the Master Lift Station was cleaned by pressure washing the interior with a 3500 PSI pressure washer. The walls were prepared using a chemical grout to stop the infiltration and the application of a hydraulic quick curing cement to repair any damaged areas and provide a smooth substrate for the Spraywall to bond to. After these preparation steps, grooves were cut into the walls in 3-4 ft sections both horizontally and vertically to assure a proper substrate bond.  After the walls were parged, National Pipe Services Sprayroq certified applicators applied Spraywall to all of the structure surface areas (walls, ceiling, floors and stairs).


The entire Master Lift Station was coated to create a monolithic, structurally sound corrosion and abrasion resistant structure. Now it will handle the high hydrogen sulfite attack that created the need for the structure to be rehabilitated. Over 3000 square ft of Spraywall was applied to put the structure back into service.