Ohio DOT Twin Culverts

Rehabilitation of a culvert in a historic and environmentally sensitive location


On Route 23 in Alvada, Ohio, two side-by-side 13’-6”W x 8’-6”H x 90’L corrugated steel sheet plate culverts running underneath the roadway needed corrosion protection. As storm water run-off and sediment lay continually stagnant in the forty year old pipes’ flow line, accompanied by the frequent Ohio DOT road salt applications necessary for the harsh Northwest Ohio winters, signs of corrosion problems were becoming apparent.


Spray Shield Green II, a semi-rigid bio-based polyurethane…To achieve the application of the Spray Shield Green II lining the large amounts of sediment and debris in the entire length of both pipes needed to be removed. Active water flow was by-passed by constructing coffer dams that diverted water flow underneath the highway through the adjacent culvert. Many bolt heads and sheet plate joints that make up the construction of the steel culverts required the spray applicator to focus extra attention on achieving full coverage onto these multiple profiles while striving to hit a fast pace project completion date.


Both culverts were prepped and lined in just six working days utilizing two spray crews working around the clock and the lines were returned to service with extended lifespan and superior corrosion protection.