Rehabilitation of a galvanized corrugated vertical inflow stand pipe


The galvanized corrugated vertical inflow stand pipe on the golf course 6 acre pond was deteriorated badly.  The holes in the pipe were significant and caused the pond level to be over 3 feet below normal pond elevation.  The pond is located in a upscale golf course community. The residents were very upset to have the water level 3-4 feet below normal.

The conventional solution would be to replace the vertical pipe and the horizontal pipe that traveled under an earthen dam which serviced as a road and tee box.  The removal and replacement of the pipe and the earthen dam was scheduled to be a 3 month process.  There was not a way to bypass the road from the dam.


Osborn Contract Services, Inc. of Greer, SC proposed the solution of creating a new water tight new skin by encapsulating the compromised stand pipe using Spraywall®.  The water level was dropped several feet to get below the holes in the standpipe.  OCS mobilized and set up over the weekend without interrupting residents or golfer.  On Mondays there is no golf play because of normal maintenance to the golf course.  OCS used boats and a specially designed floating work platform to prep, prime and spray apply the new exterior and interior  Spraywall® to the standpipe.  All work was completed including demobilization in the single day.  There was no negative impact to the golf course, the residents, golf play resumed as scheduled on Tuesday morning.


Over time the flow of water from rain and the supply spring brought the pond back up to normal full pond.  The “solution” was a complete success.