What Is Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) Rehabilitation?

Used for a wide variety of projects, corrugated metal pipe is found in storm sewers, culverts, wastewater facilities, and more. Since most of these systems have an increased potential for corrosion, there is a high need for corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation efforts across the country. Sprayroq continues to lead the way in this industry, providing a cost-effective solution for asset managers and engineers alike.

What is corrugated metal pipe (CMP) rehabilitation? Corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation is the process of restoring the structure to its original strength. Through CMP rehabilitation, systems can quickly return to normal operations, minimizing the negative impact of necessary repairs. CMP rehabilitation increases the longevity of the structure while increasing its corrosion resistance.

While there are many things to consider when a corrugated metal pipe structure requires repair, CMP rehabilitation often provides the best results for the least amount of disruption. With a superior product, a time-tested application system, and a team of experts, Sprayroq continues to lead the industry in CMP rehabilitation efforts across the country. Keep reading to learn more about this great alternative to traditional CMP repair techniques.

Complete Guide to Corrugated Metal Pipe Rehabilitation

As an asset manager or expert engineer, it is often challenging to determine the repair or rehabilitation technique that is best for your unique situation. However, there are many reasons why corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation is superior to other, more traditional, repair methods.

CMP Rehabilitation

What is Corrugated Metal Pipe?

Corrugated metal pipe is used in a wide variety of applications, from storm sewers and culverts to wastewater technology and more. As a low cost, versatile material, corrugated metal pipe, also known as CMP, is the “go-to” for several industries.

Most of the systems in which corrugated metal pipe is used contain high amounts of corrosion-causing chemicals and substances. Because of this, CMP systems across the country are falling into various states of disrepair. With CMP at risk of failure, it is important to invest in a time-efficient, cost-effective repair alternative.

Sprayroq offers an ideal solution through corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation efforts. With their SprayWall technology, they have saved cities across the country from unnecessary frustration and cost.

Benefits of Corrugated Metal Pipe Rehabilitation

Before the introduction of corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation techniques, the traditional method involved replacing the system entirely. As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process that often causes great disruption and inconvenience for all parties involved. Additionally, it is incredibly expensive, forcing many communities to delay projects that require immediate attention.

Limited Inconvenience During Rehabilitation Process

One of the greatest benefits of using a corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation approach is the limited inconvenience caused by this project. While traditional methods would require the land covering the CMP to be removed, CMP rehabilitation using Sprayroq is a trenchless technique.

Low-Cost Alternative to Expensive CMP Replacement

As you can imagine, replacing an entire system of corrugated metal pipes can quickly become quite expensive. Unfortunately, many cities do not have this extensive project in their budget, causing them to further delay the necessary repairs. Corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation is an incredible, low-cost alternative to more traditional methods.

Increase the Longevity of Structure

Needlessly replacing drainage systems that rely on damaged corrugated metal piping creates unnecessary waste. By utilizing a corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation approach, you can successfully increase the longevity of the structure while saving both time and money.

Improves Corrosion Resistance

Most systems that use corrugated metal pipe conduct water that contains a high amount of corrosion-causing contaminants. The structural lining system used for corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation improves the corrosion resistance of the structure. This allows it to both work more effectively and remain in optimal condition for years to come.

Quick Return to Service

Perhaps the greatest inconvenience of damage to corrugated metal pipes is the long times required for traditional repair methods. Traditionally CMP repair projects would require months of downtime for the system. However, most corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation projects are completed in a matter of days! Once the application process is complete, the system can return to normal service within a matter of hours.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Rehabilitation With Sprayroq

While corrugated metal pipe is used for a wide variety of systems, the traditional repair techniques are both time-consuming and expensive. However, Sprayroq provides an optimal solution! With their unique approach to structural rehabilitation, Sprayroq can assist you with all of your corrugated metal pipe rehabilitation projects.

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